Technology in Android | Skin-detection software!

Technology in Android | Skin-detection software!

Technology in Android | Skin-detection software!

Technology in Androidhas warranted the statement that “Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality”. It has revolutionized the way of doing things making our lives so much easier. We wake up every morning only to witness the ease of life due to some new advancements in technology. One of the latest headways in Android technological news is the introduction of “Skin Detection Software”. In amateur’s language, Skin Detection Software is a program that successfully recognizes human skin amid all other objects.
Most of us are already familiar with Fingerprint Sensors or Face Detection Technologies in our android phones. The features such as fingerprint or facial features are distinguishable to every individual which makes this technology much reliable and authentic. The accuracy level for these technologies stands at more than 95%.
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Meaning of Skin Detection
Skin-detection software helps in detecting skin by identifying skin like pixels and regions in an image or a video. This process is typically used as a pre-processing step to find areas that possibly have human faces and limbs in images and videos. The presence of skin color gives the possibility of humans in such images or videos. Therefore, in the last two decades, thorough research has focused on skin detection in images. Skin Detection refers to the identification of such image pixels and regions that contain human undertone color.
Most of the research in this area has focused on detecting skin pixels and regions based on their color. Yet texture information to classify skin pixels remains a less explored aspect in distinguishing skin pixels.
Applicability in Android
The IBM Simon was the first phone in the world with a touch screen in 1992. In India, Nokia 7710, developed by Nokia which was announced on 2 November 2002 was the First Touch Screen Phone. These technologies were developed around one or two decades back but have become immensely popular in the past few years only.
A few decades back we couldn’t even picture unlocking our android phones with fingerprint sensors or face detection technology and today we just hold our androids in front of us and voila, magic! The first mobile phone with a fingerprint scanner was Toshiba G500 and G900 in 2007, but it never reached markets. Moreover, Motorola Atrix, launched in 2011, was the first phone introduced in stores to have a fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint sensors are popular in Smartphones and other gadgets for entry identification and data protection. The two most prevalent fingerprint sensors are optical sensors and capacitive sensors.
Androids phones such as Samsung, OnePlus 6, Huawei Honor 7X, Motorola Moto G6, Oppo Find X  have fingerprint recognition besides facial recognition. These androids scan faces using a 2D scanner, iris scanner or combination of both. If we talk about face recognition technology, then OMRON Corporation in Japan was the first company to create ‘OKAO Vision Face Recognition Sensor’ technology in 2005.

Various Android apps provide face recognition technology that can be easily downloaded and used on androids namely,  Face lockLogMeIObit app lockLuxand FaceSDKFaceBot Facial ExpressionBioID Facial RecognitionFace2GeneEmoticonAR for MessengerTrue key, etc.

Android Apps which provide fingerprint sensor technology is CM Fingerprint ApplockerKeepSafeAppLockFingerSecuritySpSoft FingerprintAppLockerLOCKitFingerprintLocker, etc.

Moreover, besides security, skin detection technology has been widely used for entertainment purposes. Popular applications of android phones like Snapchat, Instagram, Wickr, Slingshot, Yovo, etc use skin detection for their filters. Age detectors apps also work on the same technology.
Glitches in Technology
Skin detection technology detects skin patches based on color, so is understood that it can only perform best in controlled environments. Suppose if the background is filled with objects containing objects having skin tone color then it can result in false detections. Likewise low illumination, image or video quality, etc can lead to false conclusions. This makes it clear that if someone finds a way to crack a skin detector he or she can perhaps succeed in it, which puts our androids on great risk in terms of security.
 Another weakness of skin detection technology is the likelihood of racial or gender bias. Some reports have shown that facial recognition isn’t as capable of distinguishing people of color or the female gender. 
Another major concern is that our stored data of fingerprints or facial features with our android companies can be misused by it to earn profits by selling our data for research purposes. If we look at the bigger picture, the technology which was meant to prevent our data can be used against us in illegal ways putting not only our Smartphones at risk but us too.
Future Endeavors in Skin Detection Technology
As we already discussed above that the current skin detection technologies are not amply guarded and can be deceived easily if caught in the wrong hands but trends have proved that in technological fields nothing is impossible. This is currently the latest android technology for developers to exploit. At present, Leading Software Company TrinamiX, which develops and sells the world’s most advanced 3D and infrared sensing technologies, is working on developing a similar yet improved technology which would be much reliable and multi-usable.
TrinamiX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF SE, a leading chemical company, to do all research and development in this field while keeping its operations independent. It used guidance and expertise of BASF SE with its technological capabilities to design skin detection software that can distinguish objects based on their physical properties.
TrinamiX does not want to limit this technology to smartphones. The company believes that the integration of the unique TrinamiX technology into smartphones or laptops will allow existing applications to be further evolved, such as expanding improved augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.
The technology will be integrated with smartphones to improve current sub secure technologies. The system not only furnishes 2D and 3D data but also skin detection, a discrete group of material classification which makes face recognition technology more secure by providing an additional cover of security. The upgraded autofocus and image processing implemented by TrinamiX guarantees higher precision and better quality of photos. This technology ensures that our data on our mobile devices is not accessed thorough fake personation such as 3D printer or well-designed masks. 
On 19th February 2020, TrinamiX announced that it has collaborated with the Qualcomm Software accelerator software to enable its skin detection technology across various mobile phones. The object classifying algorithms of TrinamiX run on the mobile devices powered by Qualcomm Hexagon processor on Qualcomm Snapdragon platforms.
If this technology becomes successful then it is going to become the next level game changer in the technological field protecting our android devices against unauthorized access providing us a more robust and secure facial recognition.
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