Best Alternative Lifestyle Secrets You Will Read This Year

Best Alternative Lifestyle Secrets You Will Read This Year

Best Alternative Lifestyle Secrets You Will Read This Year

If you say that never once in your life you thought of pursuing a lifestyle free from worrying about career, bills, family, society or work assignments then you are surely kidding yourself. Everyone wants to have a change of climate by savoring a life where there are no deadlines, no responsibilities, no worries and most of all no judging. For once we desire an alternative life to skip the drama and quit being the sheep in the herd by doing what we want. However, It’s not easy to choose a road less traveled. Society makes rules and if we outstrip these sets of principles, the situation becomes challenging for us but as the saying goes everybody is not meant to fit in the box.


An alternative lifestyle refers to a way of living that is distinctive from the mainstream ones or generally regarded to be outside the cultural norm. It is about unusual forms of lifestyle which focus on breaking shackles of society concerning freedom by embracing a non-conventional lifestyle. Sounds quite interesting, Doesn’t it? But wait, it’s not exactly what you think it is. You may have already imagined yourself all alone in a wild forest living a life like Bear Grylls relishing nature and calmness, but when we talk about adopting an alternative lifestyle this is its extreme. So what is a basic alternative lifestyle?  Are you the handiest one for your own family to observe veganism whilst your whole circle of relatives survives on meat then believe me you are already living an alternative existence.


Alternative lifestyle defies what’s normal and defines new limits of freedom by ditching the standards. Its consequences are a topic of discussion for another day. For now, let’s delve into some of the widely adopted alternative lifestyle by people throughout the globe.

1.      Having an open marriage/ relationship and Polyamory– Open marriage or relationship allows both partners to have sexual relations with other people while still continuing a relationship with their partner. Although still unbelievable and offensive for most, many people acknowledge it especially the ones who don’t like being caged and want to experience the best of both worlds at the same time. An open relationship requires two like-minded people who along with broad minds, understand and are ready to take responsibility for the consequences. Polyamory is a step ahead of open marriage. It is the practice of having more than two or more romantic relationships at the same time. Unlike an open relationship, Polyamory involves relationships of romantic nature and not sexual.


2.      Becoming single parent or parents outside wedlock– Sidelining the silly mistakes or horrible incidents that leave an individual no choice, we are here talking about situations where without tying the sacred knot, a person alone or with his/her partner decides to have a child and raise him/her. Some people just dislike the idea of marriage but as the age takes a toll on their life, taking vows remains off the table however they desire kids so they opt for surrogacy or adoption either by themselves or have kids with their live-in partners. Many well-known personalities are also becoming parents outside wedlock for reasons suitable to them.

child rearing

3.      Alternative child-rearing, such as homeschooling, co-parenting and home births– Many people prefer to home school their children due to security reasons, disabilities, negative social pressures, personal focus, high-quality education, etc. Homeschooling depicts a major lifestyle change for the child as well as the family. Also, Co-parenting is becoming broadly accepted with the growing divorces. For saving the child from the wrath of broken marriage both the parents decide to raise a child by sharing responsibilities regarding time, money and emotional availability. Another emerging concept of alternative child-rearing is home births. It was already a thing in the past but with the advancement of medical facilities, hospital births became the thing. But just like fashion, this concept has also come back. Parents are choosing home births to give birth in a comfortable, familiar place surrounded by family and without medical intervention and lowered hospital bills.

4.      Adopting a unique diet– There are various types of diets namely The Paleo Diet, The Vegan Diet, Low-Carb Diets, The Dukan Diet, etc. People around the world are embracing a special diet to get specific benefits. Many individuals are leaning towards veganism dropping not only meat or fish from their diet but dairy & eggs too. Likewise, a Paleo diet also known as the cavemen diet includes food humans ate during the Paleolithic era. It entails drinking lots of water and consuming lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds excluding items that originated when farming began.

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5.      Special belief sharing minorities- Luddites are a community that is totally against technology despite the benefits it offers. They see technology as an evil that eats people’s jobs, time, and psychological peace. In the world of social posts on social media, they still believe in letter posts. Another such community is Amish; it is a traditionalist Christian group in North America that is not very open to new technology. They are very conservative, very isolated and like protecting their way of life. However, not all of them totally reject technology, some of them are open to it but with caution and thoughts that whether, it is this going to be helpful or not.

6.      Crossdressing, Nudism and clothing-optional lifestyles- Crossdressing is the practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite sex. It is used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-expression. Many women are comfortable in articles of clothings designed for men such as suits, pants, ties, etc. At the same time, many men dress as females for comfort or religious reasons. The main thing here is the curiosity of experiencing life from another perspective. While females wearing male clothing has become quite acceptable but the opposite is yet not looked upon by society. Nudism is yet another form of clothing lifestyle gaining popularity. Roaming around your house naked or chilling on nudist beaches, pools, whirlpools, waterslide, and themed nightly parties defying the norms and feeling a whole different level of freedom. Several meetups or events are being held on a large scale for people who are leading or want to adopt a nudist/naturist lifestyle.

7.      Gender and Sexual Minorities- Also known as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) OR DGS (Diverse Genders and Sexualities). This comprises of people who are non-heterosexual or non-cisgender. It encompasses spectrums of sexuality and gender to provide identity to the ones whose sexual identity was far from the mainstream. Still treated as a mental illness in various societies the LGBT community has been fighting for their rights for long providing strength to many people to stop hiding from who they really are. LGBT communities organize support movements for the civil rights of the LGBT community in various places around the world.

8.      Full-time Traveler-  People who are not much into a 9 to 5 job and believe in the concept of one life so much to explore can turn to become a full-time traveler. Even some families are packing their bags to live a life on a recreational vehicle (RV), sailboat or van. People who have saved up enough money to travel for an extended amount of time, those who are retired or those who find jobs to do from remote places often join the full traveling route. Finding small jobs to fund their travel and meeting people who inspire them on the way is how it gets going for full-time travelers. However various things are needed to be kept in mind before becoming a full-time traveler. Budget, savings, psychological readiness, alternate earnings are some of the many things which need to be decided before hitting the long road.



With the enhanced popularity of this new notion, many alternative lifestyle campgrounds have surfaced providing a platform for the like-minded individuals to share their views, have fun and pursue their choices. Here we are listing some of the alternative lifestyle campgrounds in which anyone can participate to serve their inner desires.
1.   Anti- tech gateways- Individuals who want a break from technology and experience the rawness of pre-tech life can join some amazing places offering a blend of modern comforts and old-fashioned activities. Fairmont Kenauk, Le Chateau Montebello, Quebec offers you a peaceful place replacing electricity with solar panels and two-way radios with cell phones or TVs. You can go hunting, fishing, hiking canoeing and much more. Amankora, a place situated in the secluded Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan offers you tranquility with spas, no TVs, limited internet or cell phone services. It includes Buddhist spiritual hikes, visits to ancient monasteries, prayers with monks and meditation providing you an escape from the boredom of life.

2.       Cross Dressing groups – Zaradize CD Services is a crossdresser community in Bangalore, India, for people with a passion for Crossdressing. There you can meet people who share a common interest in Crossdressing. They also organize outing trips, party events, personal shopping and behavioral image training providing a secure environment to be a woman and to embrace their femininity. Ofudamaki, an ancient Japanese Crossdressing festival involves males wearing makeup and kimonos while scattering ofuda (colorful pieces of paper) and singing songs to bless the people all around the town for good fortune.

3.         Nudist beaches/ events- World Naked bike ride is an event held in London in June or July in which cyclists participate in a popular, peaceful, legal, public protest with bare clothing and messages written over their bodies. Several beaches like Black’s Death (California, U.S) Orient Beach (St. Marten) Wreck beach (Canada), Haulover Beach Park allow you to experience a laid-back naturist environment. Indian Naturist Members (India), Gurgaon Naturism Meetups (India), Long Island Travasuns (New York), Reboot Float Spa (USA), Orr Hot Springs (USA) are some of the places that offer social nudists a private platform through pool Parties, Spas, Hot springs Clothing Optional Restaurant events, Summer Beach Parties, Parties at members’ homes and trips to Naturist Gatherings.

4.         Traveling mode on– The world is full of a wide range of cultures, traditions, festivals, languages and much more to explore. And some people just want to have it all in life, staying in one place forever and doing a 9 to 5 job is not their cup of tea. Many groups, meetups, and communities extend support to these full-time travelers. Plenty of ex-pat groups, Face book groups, Meetups provide help to these travelers to meet local people for assistance, cultural understanding and company during travel. Outdooraholics is a London- based group that offers hiking, walking, travel, day trips, holidays, and outdoor adventures. Diverbo, an English language school in Madrid, Spain offers free vacations for English speakers willing to spend a week mingling with foreigners in Spain or Germany to help them practice their language skills. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) allows travelers to get accommodations and food in return of a few hours of the farm.  Workaway and HelpX connect travelers with locals to volunteer in exchange for free meals and accommodations.
5.          LGBT friendly campgrounds- With the increased acceptance of various sexual orientations throughout the world, many LGBT friendly campgrounds have surfaced. Sawmill Camping Resort in Florida, USA offers comforts like a poolside bar, a large community fire pit, Wi-Fi, nightclub and 24*7 game/pool room to the gay community. Gay Camping NSW, Sydney, Australia plans camping, hiking trips bushwalking, bike rides, and beach visits. It is a group of non-straight people who have a passion for camping. Another such LGBTQ friendly campground is Cedars Campground in Canada. They offer facilities like hot water pool with a lounge chair, Clubhouse, a small library containing books and board games along with well-furnished lower level houses, washroom facilities, and a laundry room.
6.          Religious campgroundsChristian Camping International, an England based campground for Christians arranges Global and Regional Gatherings, Submits, Meetups throughout the world for mutual sharing of solutions, frequent periods of prayer, and Bible study. It is Christ-centered camping committed to his modeling in word and deed. 
           In India, Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram provides free accommodations and food devotees who wish to practice his teachings. The ashram has a daily schedule of puja (worship), Vedic chanting, and group readings. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) India focuses on teachings of Lord Krishna to his devotees. Daily activities include worship, classes on the Bhagavat Geeta, the celebration of religious festivals, and lectures on spiritual topics.


Isn’t it soul-feeding when you meet a person who appreciates your struggles and shares your beliefs. A lot of alternative lifestyle sites provide you a platform to meet like-minded people.,,,,, and are some dating sites for Emos, Goth, punk, metal, and rock. eHarmony, are some dating site only for Hindus,,, and is used by the people of Amish community who do use phones and internet,,,, bumble, etc provide you to meet with your travel companion and to travel to new places. Being Nude website is for all those who share a passion for Naturism and want to find companions who will go skinny dipping with them, Gluten-free Singles is a website for people who have celiac disease and other medical conditions associated with gluten. Paranormal mingle helps you find a date who believes in spirits and like contacting them just like you. is for female inmates who have no one to share their feelings with and are looking for a relationship with non-imprisoned friends through correspondence. There are many such sites which help you to find a suitable match as per your alternative lifestyle. 


An alternative lifestyle changes the way how a family operates. If everyone in a family adheres to a lifestyle that is not quite common then they set boundaries for themselves and the people around them too. Many families are replacing buying groceries from supermarkets by growing organic food and rearing animals on their own farms. 

Some others are adopting veganism totally cutting meat, fish, eggs or dairy products from their diets to have benefits of lower rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. and some are even turning into slow traveling families changing their place of stay from countries to countries. 

Many are also adopting a yoga lifestyle. However, some families have completely changed the perspective of a traditional household by living with multiple partners in poly style relationships or pursuing a totally open relationship. Never having children or adopting 9-10 are some widely growing lifestyle changes around the planet. Families are also adopting a tech-free lifestyle to experience the raw essence of life. After earning enough to have a relaxed life some people are taking retirement at the age of 30 to work upon hobbies or traveling around the world. Families are also adopting a tech-free lifestyle to experience the raw essence of life. After earning enough to have a relaxed life some people are taking retirement at the age of 30 to work upon hobbies or traveling around the world. 

Others are dedicating their life to religious paths sacrificing all earthly possessions by becoming a monk or sage or celibate joining commutes, ashrams or monastery. Having a live-in relationship or out-of-wedlock child, homemakers husbands and working wives, work from home, becoming tech-savvy, earning through YouTube or blogging are few alternative lifestyles breaking norms and setting one new rule of no rules.

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