Unlimited Website Traffic | TrafficZion Honest Review

Unlimited Website Traffic | TrafficZion Honest Review

Website Traffic is one of the major challenges that we face every day as a Blogger/marketer.

 Getting unlimited traffic organically was possible through regular Search Engine ptimization (SEO)

Website Traffic means that how much is daily visitors on a particular website. How popular are your website & how many readers do you have on your blog on daily basis.

Getting Traffic on a website or a blog has always been the #1 issue with every blogger or a marketer and also for a new start-up company.

Previously, SEO has been the prime key in boosting the traffic of a website organically (free). 

 But SEO is a tedious process of optimizing various elements like keywords, the title of the blog, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, create & optimize content, backlink optimization, link building, etc

 The entire process is tedious and takes months and months of effort of regular SEO to take the website to page ONE on GOOGLE. 

But nowadays, many companies/marketers are coming up with a promise of delivering high-quality Unlimited Traffic (untapped traffic) by purchasing their software which would not only provide Unlimited Traffic but that too for free.

This software, come for a few hundred’s of dollar $$.

Intrigued, are we?

So, let’s dive in forward.

 Like many, I was also in search of ways for getting website traffic. 

I happen to bump into one such software which promised to bring loads of Unlimited Traffic by paying only a few bucks.

Fascinated, as I was, I quickly purchased the software in hopes of boosting my website traffic.

The software which is known by TrafficZION  

So how does this software work? And how it gets your dream come true of getting unlimited traffic?

Let’s find out more!

The software works only and only if you are having your website on WordPress.

Then the software (TrafficZION) utilizes the already existing huge traffic of WordPress Reader. There are millions of people who have blogs and other informational websites and most of them are on WordPress Reader. 

WordPress Reader is a platform where other bloggers can interact and Like & Follow each other’s blog and post comments.  

TrafficZION automates certain things like Like & Follow other’s blog posts based on the Tags (Keywords) that you have set in the TrafficZION (only 10 tags can be set at present).

 That means, the software searches other people blog post based on the Tags you have set & then Like & Follow that post which triggers an interaction on the other blog & chances might be that the other person of the other blog might also Like & Follow your blog.

 So, you get other bloggers interacting with your blog.

 Good, right?

Do you need TrafficZION?  

The software TrafficZION only automates the work. That means the same work which the software is doing, YOU CAN DO IT MANUALLY!

  •  I have tested doing it manually and must say it is very easy and no brainer. And most of all no buying of any software.
  • From the software, only 10 Tags can be set for the software to target other people’s blogs. (But Tags can be changed or modified at any time)

While manually, you can target any number of Tags.

  • The software TrafficZION can only increase the traffic of WordPress readers in your WordPress.com account but not on the actual website.

After using the software for some time, I found an increase in traffic but that was only in the WordPress.com account but was surprised that my Google Analytics did not show any traffic at all.

Later, I found out that, I was supposed to create a new blog post for an existing post with a similar blog title, and some intro and a LINK that is redirecting to the original blog post for any new reader to open the link and THEN get traffic to my website.

SO, what happens if a person has 50+ blog posts. That means for getting actual traffic to his website, he has to create new blogs (50+) with a similar blog title, some intro, and a link that is redirecting to his original blog post.


Website traffic is the need of the hour.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy every software that is available whether that software is GOOD or BAD without reviewing it first.

 Also, many affiliate marketers will go on explaining only the positive side of any software but not tell any negative side at all (Affiliate Marketing strategy)

Be your JUDGE and decide whether you want TrafficZION or not.

I am not leaving any links to the software. If you want it then please Google it online, you will get a lot of responses.

 But be aware of the negative aspect of the software as well.


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